Guide to buy PharmaFlex Rx

Where and how to buy PharmaFlex Rx?

The 1st step, visit the official page here:

Read the complete guide before!

The 2nd step

After landing on the official page of PharmaFlex Rx, (sole supplier of original products of PharmaFlex Rx):
Locate the shipping form and complete the required shipping details.

In the address field, just include the name and street number (a number is required, if you do not have one, fill in “1”)

In the province field, if your district or province does not appear, enter “district 1” or select the closest one from the list and continue with your address.

If you don’t have a postal Code, input one that allows you to advance. Example “40200”

Click on “Order now”

The 3rd step

The 3rd step selecting the pack.

The price in national currency will appear after completing the shipping form. (after we know where you are from)

Price of PharmaFlex Rx:

The 4th step

In the 4h and last step you have to pay for the Order.

Use any debit or credit card. Make sure the card is activated for online purchases.
Yes, you can only buy PharmaFlex Rx with a credit or debit card. We also accept PayPal.
If you do not have a card, ask a friend to buy for you or get a free card at your local bank.



After completing the payment information, you will see the page that confirms that the order was a success.
Wait a few hours to receive confirmation by email and shortly after the shipping number to track your PharmaFlex Rx order.

If you do not manage, ask a friend to help you or to buy on your behalf.



Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I buy PharmaFlex Rx in pharmacies, stores, stores or points of sale?
A: No, you can only buy online, on our website.

Q: Do you have local PharmaFlex Rx distributors?
A: No, if you do not find it, he is not selling the original PharmaFlex Rx, only the official website is selling it (we mentioned the previous purchase portal).

Q: What happens if I do not have a card?
A: Ask for one of your friends, or ask a family member to buy for you or get a free card at your local bank.

Q: Can I order it at the home of a family member? or in the place where I work?
A: Yes, you can fill in the address field with the address you want and it will be sent there.

















































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